The committee have taken the step to integrate a couple of new competitions during the upcoming season.

Team KO Competitions

The teams that finish in positions 1 & 2 will be excluded from the Team KO's as in previous seasons.

Teams finishing from positions 3-10 in the league will play in the team knockout of old as a straight knockout format. All games to be played on a neutral table.

Teams finishing in positions 11-14 at the end of the season will play in a mini league knockout playing each other team in the mini league once on a neutral table. Each frame won will be worth 1 point on the mini league table.

Frames Won Prize Money Bonus Competition

Teams in the bottom half of the league table at the halfway stage of the league will qualify for a bonus mini league. The mini league will work as follows.

Matches throughout the season against the other teams that qualified for the bonus mini league will count as a point a frame on the mini league.

So the qualifying team that gains the most frames against the other teams in the mini league will win the prize money bonus.

This means every frame could be vital


The one shot off the break if you pot the cue ball rule has been abolished to bring us back into line with other EPA leagues.

Players will have to be available for selection in over 50% of their registered teams league games to qualify for knockout prize money. In accordance with league rule 26.

For this rule to work it relies heavily on captains remembering to bring match cards to meetings

If any of this isn't clear don't hesitate to contact me

Stuart Grierson


Top Of The League